More capacity and lower latency for traders on SIX Swiss Exchange

More capacity and lower latency for traders on SIX Swiss Exchange


In order to enhance trading in equities listed on SIX Swiss Exchange,transaction capacity is substantially extended as of Monday, 14 June 2010. Moreover, SIX Swiss Exchange supports remote market participants to reduce latency by extending the choice of proximity service providers, thereby enabling remote participants to benefit from sub-millisecond latency.

SIX Swiss Exchange as from Monday, 14 June 2010 significantly increases capacity for high-volume market participants. The capacity increase is predominantly targeted at the equities market and marks an important step in the exchange’s continuous roadmap to satisfy an ever-growing need for higher turnover and lower latency.

Further measures will include improvements to the trading interfaces to even better support automated trading and direct market access and will be made available in the second half of 2010.

Extended service offerings for proximity hosting

A further significant innovation introduced by SIX Swiss Exchange is the extension of Proximity Services for remote market participants.

Proximity Services allow participants of SIX Swiss Exchange to overcome the disadvantage of geographical distance and to enjoy the same low latency as any participant located in the Zurich area.

SIX Swiss Exchange welcomes Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) and Interxion as new and further business partners in the field of proximity hosting. Together with Colt (LSE: COLT.L) who have pioneered this service for SIX Swiss Exchange this provides remote participants with a wider choice of locations and services to suit their particular needs.

Proximity hosting clients will enjoy the same sub-millisecond latency as any Zurich based market participants. The services by Equinix and Interxion are targeted to be available as from mid-July 2010.

For detailed information on SIX Swiss Exchange’s capacity and latency roadmap: http://www.six-swissexchange. com/swx_messages/online/swx_message_201005311719_en.pdf