MICEX and RUSNANO launch trading in the market for innovations and investments

MICEX and RUSNANO launch trading in the market for innovations and investments


The ceremony of the opening of trading in the Market for Innovations and Investments (MICEX MII) was held on the MICEX on December 10, 2009. It was timed to the initial public offering of shares in The Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI), organized by ALOR INVEST.

Investors were offered 15 million shares in HSCI, making up 20% of the Company’s increased authorized capital at the price of 9.5 rubles per share. The IPO was successful: there were over 300 investors, most of them individuals, whose demand for shares exceeded the supply.

On the same day, December 10, the Coordinating Council of the MICEX MII, headed by the RUSNANO‘s CEO Anatoly Chubais, approved the key expert bodies of the Market for Innovations and Investments: the Committee on Direct and Venture Investments and the Working Group on State Support for the Attraction of Private Capital to Russian Innovation Companies.

The Committee and the Working Group will be engaged in searching promising projects and innovation companies, preparing them for entering the stock market and attracting private capital.

According to RUSNANO’s CEO Anatoly Chubais, the creation of the market for innovation companies on the MICEX, where offerings will take place, is the most important strategic initiative, which is an integral part of the system of innovation institutions. “That’s why RUSNANO and the MICEX began to develop a new project, “Russian NASDAQ”, the creation of an exchange for innovation businesses. Today’s IPO made by The Human Stem Cells Institute is a special event. This is the first time in the Russian history that an innovation company has made its IPO under a special procedure”, he said.

The MICEX President of Konstantin Korischenko said: “Today we are launching a new floor, the Market for Innovations and Investments. The MII’s tasks will include the development of a favorable environment that will help companies to enter the market and implement innovations. Next year we expect about ten companies to enter the Market for Innovations and Investments, including high-tech companies from Russian regions, with which we are developing cooperation.

Arthur Isayev, CEO of HSCI, expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the IPO and said: “In the course of the IPO, our Company achieved all its goals. The attracted investment will give additional impetus to the development of the Company. They will help us to enter new markets, bring new therapeutic products to the market and secure our leadership positions.”