LCH.Clearnet and Euroclear to jointly improve post-trade processing

LCH.Clearnet and Euroclear to jointly improve post-trade processing


Euroclear supports the changes in ownership and governance that LCH.Clearnet is realising through its shareholder rebalancing initiative.

Pierre Francotte, Euroclear Chief Executive Officer, stated: "Accordingly, Euroclear currently intends to redeem its 15.8% stake in LCH.Clearnet. Euroclear remains committed to delivering greater post-trade efficiencies to mutual clients by ensuring seamless interaction between clearing and settlement."

LCH.Clearnet Group (LCH.Clearnet) and the Euroclear group (Euroclear) today jointly announce a collaborative initiative aimed at realising greater client cost savings and operational efficiencies between the cash securities clearing business of LCH.Clearnet and the custody and settlement capabilities of Euroclear.

Roger Liddell, Chief Executive, LCH.Clearnet said: "We are delighted to be working with Euroclear to find ways of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs in the European post trade environment. As user owned, user governed organisations, both companies are dedicated to serving the needs of their users and maximising efficiencies for their benefit."

Joint efforts have already begun between LCH.Clearnet SA (Paris) and Euroclear. Together, the entities are analysing how Euroclear's harmonised custody, corporate action and settlement processing capabilities can support the ongoing market-practice harmonisation of cash securities clearing at LCH.Clearnet. Both groups intend to explore further opportunities to deliver cost benefits to clients across Europe.

The guiding principles of the collaboration are to:

  1. maximise savings for users in the post-trade life cycle process;
  2. render any system changes invisible to clients; and
  3. build on existing harmonised market solutions.