KRX wins stock market system development project in Vietnam

KRX wins stock market system development project in Vietnam



Korea Exchange was finally selected as a priority negotiator in the international bidding for the construction of the Vietnamese stock market next-generation system announced on March 7, 2008 by the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh stock exchange(HOSE). Since KRX started global marketing in 2005 for the stock market IT solution export, this is one of the most successful results covering overseas projects.

KRX will provide total solution for the development of 13 stock market-related systems and the delivery of all related equipment in 2 exchanges, i.e. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi including the Vietnam Securities depository covering trading, market surveillance, disclosure, sharing of information, clearing and settlement to upgrade the Vietnam’s stock market infrastructure. The construction project covering Vietnam’s stock market infrastructure next-generation system directly managed by the Vietnamese government is the largest scale project for a single order since KRX started overseas projects.

Recently, KRX has successfully completed the development of bond trading system, market maker monitoring system and Islam product trading system at Bursa Malaysia. With the winning of this project aimed at improving the IT infrastructure at the stock market of Vietnam, Korea’ technical capability in the stock market IT solutions has been recognized worldwide.

Development Projects

Completed the 1st(March 2008) and 2nd(January 2009) development of the bond trading system for Bursa Malaysia.

Completed development of the market maker monitoring system (MMM) (April 2009) for Bursa Malaysia.

Completed development of the Islam product trading (BCH) system (August 2009) for Bursa Malaysia.