Istanbul Stock Exchange signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Macedonian Stock Exchange

Istanbul Stock Exchange signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Macedonian Stock Exchange



During the XIII Annual Conference of the Macedonian Stock Exchange, İMKB Chairman and CEO Mr. İbrahim Turhan and Macedonian Stock Exchange CEO Mr. Ivan Steriev signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 4 in Skopje. The main purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is the deepening and enhancement of the already established cooperation between the two stock exchanges.

By signing this Memorandum, both exchanges expressed their willingness to collaborate in several areas: the transfer of know-how referring, inter alia, trading in securities, order routing, listing of securities, settlement and clearing, dissemination of information as well as the surveillance of transactions; the exchange of information and expertise regarding their activities, markets and operations; the organization of joint events with the common objective of improving the understanding and knowledge of capital markets and exchanges in both countries and the establishment of a channel of communication in respect of the ongoing and systematic flow of information between the two exchanges.

As Mr. Turhan stated on the occasion of the singing of the Memorandum: “We are opening gate for a new era, a new field where we look for new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. This Memorandum will contribute to the already good relations between Macedonia and Turkey and it will be a benefit of our nations. It will be a win-win situation and in future, I am sure we will deliver very good outcome out of this first step.”


Mr. Steriev also stressed out that “the signing of this Memorandum represents a new chapter in the already successful bilateral relations between the two exchanges and is of a particular importance for the Macedonian Stock Exchange taking into consideration that İMKB is one of the largest stock exchanges in the wider region.”