Istanbul Stock Exchange 25th anniversary best paper competition

Istanbul Stock Exchange 25th anniversary best paper competition

Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) in collaboration with Boğaziçi University will award best paper prizes to three outstanding research papers as ISE celebrates 25th anniversary of its establishment. 

Research papers focusing on securities/stocks exchanges are particularly welcome. The papers may address any of the following topics: 

·         Stock Exchange Industry and Recent Trends, including but not limited to:

o   Exchange Technologies

§ Impact of technological advances on the industry

§ Analysis of trading systems and liquidity, high frequency/algorithmic trading, Direct market access, latency and co-location, dark pools

o   Competition in the stock exchange industry

o   Changing structure of stock exchanges

o   Interaction between stock exchanges

o   Cooperation between stock exchanges: electronic linkages, common trading platforms etc.

o   Clearing and settlement

·         Financing, including but not limited to:

o   Initial public offerings and private equity

o   Family firms: listing and institutionalization

o   SMEs

o   Corporate governance, shareholder rights, investor relations

·         Financial Markets, including but not limited to:

o   New products and market structures

o   Institutional investors

The awards for the top three papers will be 10,000 USD, 7,500 USD, 5,000 USD, respectively.[*] 

The winners will be awarded their prizes at ISE 25th Anniversary Celebrations, which will take place in December, 2010 in İstanbul. The author of the top-prize winning paper will present her/his paper in the presence of distinguished guests. 

The competition is open to everyone except the ISE staff. Employees of the WFE member exchanges are encouraged to enter the competition. 

Papers already published in academic journals will not be taken into consideration in the competition. Submitted papers shall be written in English and shall not exceed 40 pages, (excluding abstract, appendices and references). Shorter papers are strongly encouraged. 

Submission deadline for papers is August 2nd, 2010 before midnight (Istanbul local time, GMT+3). 

Prize-winning papers will be announced on November 24th, 2010. Papers, accompanied by the curricula vitae of the author(s), should be submitted to

The jury includes the following prestigious academicians:

1. Geoffrey Booth, Frederick S. Addy Distinguished Chair in Finance, Professor of Finance, Michigan State University

2. William M. Cready, Ashbel Smith Professor, Professor of Accounting, University of Texas at Dallas

3. Roni Michaely, Rudd Family Professor of Management, Professor of Finance Cornell University

4. Alex Butler, Associate Professor of Finance, Rice University

5. Hüseyin Gülen, Associate Professor of Finance, Purdue University

6. Gustavo Grullon, Associate Professor of Finance, Rice University,

7. Emre Özdenören, Associate Professor of Economics, London Business School

8. Clemens Sialm, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Texas

9. Scott Weisbenner, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Illinois

10. Daniel B. Bergstresser, Assistant Professor of Finance,Harvard University

11. Ümit G. Gürün, Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Texas at Dallas

12. Ali Küçükçolak, PhD, ISE, Director of Strategy Development & Research

13.  Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz, PhD, ISE, Executive Secretary

14. Neslihan Yılmaz, Assistant Professor of Finance, Boğaziçi University

15. Ali Çoşkun, Assistant Professor of Accounting, Boğaziçi University 

For the complete list of conditions of the competition, please visit

[*] Taxes on prizes, if any, are covered solely by the winners.