Irish Stock Exchange to rename two of its securities markets from 10th May 2010

Irish Stock Exchange to rename two of its securities markets from 10th May 2010


Market Name Changes

The Irish Stock Exchange (“ISE”) is renaming two of its three securities markets with effect from Monday, 10th May 2010:

Old Market Name New Market Name - 10th May Description (& MiFID Status1)
Main Market (this has also been referred to as the Official List in the past)

Main Securities Market (MSM)

The principal market of the ISE for all types of Irish and international securities.
Irish Enterprise Exchange (IEX) Enterprise Securities Market (ESM) A market for securities of growth companies.
Global Exchange Market (GEM) Global Exchange Market (GEM) (no change) A market for debt and derivative securities aimed at professional investors.

ISEQ Indices Name Changes

To coincide with the renaming of the IEX market to ESM, the ISEQ® IEX index will also be renamed to the ISEQ® ESM index from the same date. The names of all other ISEQ® indices remain unchanged.

Commenting on the renaming of the ISE’s markets, Aileen O’Donoghue, Director of Strategy, Policy and Communications said “the renaming of the ISE’s markets is part of a wider project of corporate rebranding which will take effect on 10th May 2010. The objective of our rebranding is to enhance the ISE’s brand in Irish and international markets and to position the ISE for future business development.”

The purpose of this notice is to ensure that any necessary system changes can be implemented in advance of 10th May when the new names for the ISE’s markets and index will take effect.

1MiFID status. The MSM is a regulated market as defined by Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). The ESM and GEM are multi-lateral trading facilities as defined by MiFID.