International Securities Exchange And MEB Options Announce Partnership To Introduce Spread Crawler


The International Securities Exchange (ISE) today announced that it has partnered with MEB Options to introduce Spread CrawlerTM , a new tool that provides powerful insight through Instant Messaging (IM) into the entire universe of real-time actionable spread orders. This unique product aggregates streaming spread book data from all options exchanges and transmits individual, user-defined spread orders to subscribers via IM. Spread Crawler simplifies the monitoring of live spread book feeds, while displaying spreads that satisfy customized pre-defined parameters.

"Our partnership with MEB Options represents the first step in expanding ISE's product offerings to include a suite of unique trading tools and analytical capabilities," said Gary Katz, President and CEO of ISE. "MEB has developed a simple but powerful user tool that supports this high-growth segment of the options market, and we are extremely gratified that they selected ISE as a partner to expand the reach of this compelling product offering."

"By partnering with ISE, we are able to tap into their sales expertise, front-line user support and marketing reach. These resources will enable Spread Crawler to reach its absolute potential in user base, productivity and service," said Michael Barry, President of MEB Options.

"As spread trading continues to grow as a percentage of industry volume, Spread Crawler will offer subscribers a straightforward way to digest the enormous amount of spread order data produced by the exchanges," said Boris Ilyevsky, Managing Director of ISE's options exchange. "Spread Crawler will give investors accurate data tailored to their custom-set parameters for particular symbols or industry sectors, minimum/maximum sizes, edge and specific expirations."

Spread Crawler is able to transmit messages through industry-standard IM programs such as AOL, MSN, Bloomberg, and Yahoo. It is available to all interested subscribers, including both ISE members and non-members, at the same fee* levels. To learn more about Spread Crawler, visit

*Fees for Spread Crawler are subject to SEC approval.