IntercontinentalExchange Announces April 29 Launch Of 35 New Futures Contracts


IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE: ICE), a leading operator of global markets and clearing houses, today announced the introduction of 35 new energy, environmental, freight and ferrous metal contracts on April 29, 2013.

The new contracts, which will be cleared at ICE Clear Europe and are subject to completion of relevant regulatory processes, include global crude oil, gasoline, middle distillate, natural gas liquid, natural gas, power, environmental, freight and iron ore futures and options products. With the products announced today, ICE will offer over 800 energy contracts.

The following contracts will be listed on ICE Futures Europe:

Global Crude Oil Futures and Options Contracts

  • Brent 6-Month Calendar Spread Bullet Future
  • Brent 6-Month Calendar Spread Option
  • Dated Brent (Platts) Average Price Option1
  • Dubai 1st Line (Platts) Average Price Option1

Gasoline Futures Contracts

  • Argus Eurobob Oxy FOB Rotterdam Barges vs Brent 1st Line Future (in Bbls)²
  • RBOB Gasoline 1st Line vs Argus Eurobob Oxy FOB Rotterdam Barges Future (in Bbls)²
  • Premium Unleaded Gasoline 10ppm CIF NWE Cargoes (Platts) Future3

Middle Distillates Futures and Average Price Option (APO) Contracts

  • Singapore Jet Kero (Platts) vs Singapore Gasoil (Platts) Balmo Future4
  • Jet FOB Rotterdam Barges (Platts) Future3
  • Singapore Gasoil (Platts) APO4
  • Singapore Jet Kerosene (Platts) APO4
  • Jet CIF NWE Cargoes (Platts) APO3

UK Natural Gas and Power Futures Contracts

  • ICE UK Natural Gas (EUR/MWh) Future
  • ICE UK Natural Gas Daily Future
  • ICE UK Peak Electricity Future (Gregorian)
  • ICE UK Base Electricity Future (Gregorian)

Natural Gas Liquids Futures Contract

  • Propane, OPIS CIF ARA ToT Cargoes Future5

Freight Average Price Options (APO) Contracts

  • TC2 FFA-Northwest Europe to USAC (Baltic) APO
  • TC4 FFA-Singapore to Japan (Platts) APO6
  • TC5 FFA-Arabian Gulf to Japan (Platts) APO6
  • TC6 FFA-Skikda to Lavera (Cross Med) (Baltic) APO
  • TC14 FFA-USGC to Continent (Baltic) APO
  • TD3 FFA-Arabian Gulf to Japan (Baltic) APO
  • TD5 FFA-West Africa to USAC (Baltic) APO
  • TD7 FFA-UK North Sea to Continent (Baltic) APO

Iron Ore Futures Contract

  • Iron Ore 62% Fe (TSI), 500 dmt CFR Tianjin Future7

The following contracts will be listed on ICE Futures U.S.:

North American Natural Gas Futures Contracts

  • Iroquois (Into) Basis (Platts) Future8
  • Iroquois-Z2 Basis (Platts) Future8
  • Iroquois (Into) Swing (Platts) Future8
  • Iroquois-Z2 Swing (Platts) Future8
  • Iroquois (Into) Index (Platts) Future8
  • Iroquois-Z2 Index (Platts) Future8

North American Environmental Futures Contracts

  • RIN D4 (Platts) Future9
  • RIN D5 (Platts) Future9
  • RIN D6 (Platts) Future9
  • These contracts reference Platts Crude Oil Marketwire.
  • These contracts reference Argus European Products report.
  • These contracts reference Platts European Marketscan.
  • These contracts reference Platts Asia-Pacific/Arab Gulf Marketscan.
  • This contract references the OPIS Europe LPG Report.
  • These contracts reference Platts Clean Tankerwire.
  • This contract references The Steel Index's Iron Ore Daily Edition.
  • These contracts reference Platts Gas Daily
  • These contracts reference Platts Biofuelscan