IMKB Becomes A Member Of Intermarket Surveillance Group


İstanbul Menkul Kıymetler Borsası (İMKB) has become a member of the Intermarket Surveillance Group (ISG).

Founded in 1980’s with the participation of securities exchanges and capital markets regulators, ISG membership is open to all exchanges, in consideration of criteria such as market surveillance capacity, right to information arrangements, and freedom of sharing information with other exchanges. ISG currently has 51 members, and aims to provide coordination and information sharing among its members in order to determine and prevent intermarket manipulation, insider trading and other market abuses.

Membership with ISG will enable İMKB to exchange information with other members in market surveillance and auditing activities and add to the efficiency of its struggle against market abuse.

Admittance to ISG is an indicator of the conformity of İMKB’s stipulations and practices with international standards and will highly contribute to the confidence in the Turkish capital markets as well as İstanbul International Financial Center project.