HKEx Welcomes Tomorrow’s Listing Of Hong Kong’s First RMB Bond ETF


Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) welcomes the listing of Asia’s first offshore renminbi (RMB) bond Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the Exchange), a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKEx, scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday).

The iShares RMB Bond Index ETF to be listed by iShares Asia Trust is a RMB-denominated physical ETF that will be traded and settled in both Hong Kong dollars (HKD) and RMB. There will be two counters of the same class, with holders of units of the counters treated equally. The two counters will have different stock codes (3139 and 83139 for the HKD and for RMB counters respectively) and slightly different names for easy identification.

The listing of the dual counter ETF will increase the number of RMB-denominated ETFs listed on the Exchange to seven and the total number of listed ETFs to 110, including three bond ETFs.

“We are pleased to facilitate the launch of our first RMB bond ETF on the Exchange,” said Romnesh Lamba, HKEx’s Co-head of Global Markets. “With the launch of this product, investors will be able to access the first ever RMB denominated fixed income ETF in our securities market. This is another milestone in the development of RMB products on the HKEx platforms.”