HKEx to launch issuer services for listed companies

HKEx to launch issuer services for listed companies


Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) is launching a series of issuer services in October 2011 aimed at boosting the visibility of listed companies and improving communication between listed companies and the investment community.
Initially, HKEx’s issuer services will include the following:
(1) “Know the Listed Companies” Conference Series
  HKEx aims to organise monthly conferences at HKEx’s Auditorium with representatives from listed companies of the same industry, sector, or theme to brief the audience on the most updated company information. Upon confirmation of the conference dates, institutional investors, analysts, Exchange Participants and other market professionals may enroll with HKEx. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about listed companies and particular sectors at the events. These will be excellent opportunities for listed companies to network, communicate and provide more detail on their companies to market professionals.
(2) Market Open Ceremonies
  Representatives and guests of listed companies will have the unique opportunity to open the market at the HKEx securities market’s Trading Hall to mark the start of the trading day. Video clips and photos of the ceremony will be hosted on the HKEx website. Upon completion of renovations to the Exchange Hall in 2013, the market opening ceremony will be further enhanced.

ldquo;Issuer Services will allow listed companies to gain additional visibility amongst investors, who in turn will have greater awareness of each company’s investment case and commercial activities,” said Eric Landheer, Head of Issuer Marketing, HKEx. “We believe these services will also help to enhance secondary market liquidity and provide access to additional capital.”  

“At a later date, we also plan to offer referral based market intelligence and communications services to facilitate listed companies’ understanding of their shareholders and how they are perceived by investors. These new services are being launched to address specific demand from our listed companies,” Mr Landheer added.

In addition to these services, HKEx introduced the Basic Market Prices (BMP) Service on 1 April 2011. Listed companies may display their real-time stock price on their company websites through “BMP Service for Listed Company Website” provided by information vendors. More details can be found on the HKEx website under the Data Products – Basic Market Prices (BMP) Service section.

Please visit Products and Services – Issuer Services on the HKEx website for further information