HKEx Announces Founding Members For Its Mainland Market Data Hub


Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) welcomes the companies that joined its Mainland Market Data Hub (MMDH) Founding Members Programme, which is designed to allow information vendors and other interested parties to participate in the early set-up of the market data hub HKEx will launch in Shanghai in the fourth quarter of this year.

MMDH Founding Members Limited / Shanghai DZH Co, Ltd

Shanghai E Money Software Technology Co, Ltd

Shanghai Qianlong Advanced Technology Co, Ltd

Shanghai Wind Information Co, Ltd

Sina Hong Kong Limited / Beijing Sina Internet Information Service Company Limited

Tencent Holdings Limited

Note: Company names are in alphabetical order

As part of the HKEx Orion Technology Initiatives*, the MMDH will strengthen HKEx’s Mainland connectivity and enable Mainland investors to access its market data through reliable, scalable and more cost-effective infrastructure by facilitating Mainland information vendors' direct access to HKEx’s market data. At present, many Mainland information vendors receive HKEx data via third parties.

The MMDH Founding Members will participate in joint marketing efforts with HKEx to promote its market data infrastructure on the Mainland and their services. In addition, the Founding Members are entitled to other benefits, including additional free trial terminals for marketing of HKEx market data to their customers.

More information on the MMDH and the Founding Members Programme is available on the HKEx website.

* The HKEx Orion Technology Initiatives are designed to revolutionise HKEx’s core platforms and systems providing order matching, market data dissemination, market access services and other parts of the market infrastructure.