Gui Minjie Shanghai Stock Exchange Governor: T+0 trading for Large-Cap stocks ready for launch, SSE’s trading platform in SFTZ approved

The CSRC has approved the SSE’s application for building the trading platform in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ).

Gui Minjie, Member of the CPPCC National Committee and SSE Governor, recently says at the press release for deputies to the NPC and members of the CPPCC National Committee in the securities regulatory system that, conditions have become ripe for launching the trading system of T+0 for large-cap stocks, which will be promoted by the SSE in the future. It is suggested that the SSE should establish the board of strategic emerging industries, which is oriented for comparatively large strategic emerging enterprises with steady growth. This board is expected to complement the growth enterprise board market. In addition, the SSE will try to launch individual stock options in 2014.