Dubai Financial Market -The Board of Directors reiterates ts commitment to enhance the exchange’s capabilities & competitiveness

Dubai Financial Market - The Board of Directors reiterates ts commitment to enhance the exchange’s capabilities and competitiveness


The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) today launched its new corporate identity to reflect the strategic direction and growth of DFM going forward and prepare DFM for a new era of sustainable growth. As one of the fastest growing exchanges in the MENA region over the last decade, the evolutionary corporate identity has been inspired by DFM’s drive to maintain its leading position and proactively respond to the mounting challenges in business.

It is noteworthy that the DFM’s Board of Directors endorsed the new vision and mission of the exchange in September 2011. This development reflects the Board of Directors’ ongoing effort to lead the strategic growth of DFM and reinforce its numerous competitive advantages and capabilities.

DFM’s new corporate Vision is to be ‘The World Class Regional Marketplace’, with the Mission to ‘offer stakeholders innovative services in conducting trading, clearing, settlement and depository of securities, in an efficient, transparent and liquid environment’. The new Vision and Mission are summarized by five key values which govern the exchange’s behavior internally and externally including: Transparency, Efficiency, Confidentiality, Innovation and Integrity.

The DFM’s new slogan “Connecting Liquidity”, underlines the exchanges commitment to connect liquidity across all its actions, leveraging advanced technology and best practices to continually drive market growth and trading volume.

Essa Kazim, Managing Director and CEO, Dubai Financial Market said: “I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the Board of Directors for supporting our efforts and its commitment to create a favorable environment that places DFM on the right track for sustainable growth. Our corporate identity is inspired by the outstanding success over the last decade and the commitment to building upon our achievements to materialize the Government of Dubai‘s vision to transform the emirate into the leading financial hub across the MENA region. Based on this vision, the new corporate identity is driven by unrestricted ambition and commitment to international excellence. Our slogan “Connecting Liquidity” encapsulates the essence of our personality as a world-class regional marketplace. It underpins our fundamental approach to providing a vibrant exchange characterized by liquidity, innovation and strategic partnerships”. 

 “Meanwhile, our new logo is purely symbolizing what Dubai and DFM stands for as we are deeply committed to our roots whilst looking forward to the future with confidence, open minds and optimism. Therefore, the new logo constitutes an evolution of the old logo by retaining the well established sphere graphic and Islamic symbol which has been widely recognized by our participants over the years, in addition to our corporate colors blue and grey. Through our new logo, we have abbreviated the full name of our exchange to the well-known DFM brand name and updated the typeface to modernize and increase the visibility of the logo”, Kazim added.