Deutsche Börse: Preliminary Adjusted Net Income Of Around €660 Million In 2012


Deutsche Börse Group’s preliminary net revenue in 2012 amounted to around €1,930 million. Preliminary operating costs adjusted for special items stood at around €920 million, in-line with the company’s guidance. The adjusted preliminary EBIT amounted to around €1.0 billion and the adjusted preliminary net income to around €660 million.

For financial year 2012 a dividend of €2.10 per share is targeted, which would correspond to the level paid in 2008 to 2011. Adjusted for special items, the dividend distribution ratio would amount to around 59 percent, the upper end of the 40 to 60 percent range foreseen by the distribution policy of the Group. The Executive Board of Deutsche Börse AG will discuss the dividend proposal with the Supervisory Board in the forthcoming meeting in February. The company will decide on potential share buybacks as part of the Group’s capital management principles in the second half of 2013 depending on the business development.

The Executive Board of Deutsche Börse AG, subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board, is planning to accelerate the measures to increase the operating efficiency in light of the changes in markets. For that purpose the company will identify and implement additional personnel and non-personnel cost potentials of €70 million per annum. This also allows the company to compensate the expected inflationary cost increase ahead of time. Furthermore, this ensures the necessary flexibility to continue the growth and infrastructure investments, which will allow the company to seize opportunities relating to structural and regulatory changes in financial markets and potentials in markets like Asia. Deutsche Börse Group is going to further expand its presence and increase its investments in new markets. At the same time the company continues to adapt to evolving customer needs. All efficiency measures shall be fully realized by 2016. Primarily due to the increased investments the company overall expects a moderate rise of operating costs over the coming years starting in 2013. To achieve the efficiency improvements, the company is expecting implementation costs in a magnitude of €90 to €120 million. The majority of this amount is expected to be recognized in the income statement in the form of provisions already in 2013. Regarding the planning of the efficiency measures the company will immediately enter into discussions with the staff representatives. As in the past, the company intends to implement the measures without forced redundancies and as socially responsible as possible.

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