Deutsche Börse introduces Energy Facts information product

Deutsche Börse introduces Energy Facts information product

Deutsche Börse Market Data & Analytics is expanding its data services to include a new offering, the real-time information product Energy Facts.

Energy Facts provides comprehensive fundamental data for European energy trading. With Energy Facts, price-relevant information such as power plant utilization and capacity, wind energy data, key meteorological indicators and additional complex energy reports are available for the first time in a consolidated structured form. The data, which is prepared in a standardized format and subjected to quality control is continuously updated and delivered in real time. Moreover, Energy Facts users receive urgent market announcements relevant to trading as soon as they are published.

"Deutsche Börse is increasing energy market transparency with the Energy Facts fundamental data product. Electricity traders, analysts, risk and portfolio managers receive important data upon which to base their decisions," said Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director of Market Data & Analytics at Deutsche Börse.

The Energy Facts data service will initially cover Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the course of the year, it will also be expanded to include Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

The Energy Facts data product is fed from a variety of sources: from publicly available data, proprietary data from information providers and modeled data from Deutsche Börse.

The content may be acquired via a special web terminal or an XML web data service. All reports are displayed on the web terminal as figures and tables. They can easily be exported into Excel and thus further processed in other applications. In the course of this year Deutsche Börse will supply Energy Facts via its CEF® data feed to established data providers for dissemination.