Deutsche Börse adapts model for professional use of indices

Deutsche Börse adapts model for professional use of indices

Deutsche Börse announced today the transition of its model for professional and commercial use of its indices. The previous licenses for the indices are to be replaced by use-based access to the main index parameters as of 1 January 2010.

However, the licensing applicable to index trademarks for marketing and identification purposes remains unchanged.

In converting the model, Deutsche Börse is adapting to what has already become international practice. The conversion will make certain detail data required for professional and commercial use of the indices available exclusively to contracting parties of Deutsche Börse.

The high transparency of the DAX® index, however, will be maintained. The guidelines on the indices remain available free of charge; the 30 constituents will continue to be published. In addition, complete historical detail information with a maximum time lag of three months will be made available.

To further increase transparency, Deutsche Börse will also provide a wide range of index-relevant key indicators, such as the performance of index constituents or the Sharpe Ratio, free of charge as part of the conversion.

To ease the changeover for market participants, a transition period lasting until 31 March 2010 will also be introduced. In addition, registered trading participants will continue to receive detail data for the sole purpose of trading DAX products on the Deutsche Börse trading platforms free of charge.