Deutsche Börse: 20 new Commerzbank ETCs and ETNs launched on Xetra

Deutsche Börse: 20 new Commerzbank ETCs and ETNs launched on Xetra


Since 28 september 2011, eight exchange traded commodities (ETCs) and twelve exchange traded notes (ETNs) from the new issuer Commerzbank AG have been tradable on Xetra for the first time.

“Deutsche Börse welcomes Commerzbank AG as a new ETC and ETN provider on Xetra. We are delighted to offer investors right across Europe additional trading and investment opportunities with our expanded product offering,” said Rainer Riess, Managing Director of Xetra Market Development at Deutsche Börse.

ETNs are tradable debt securities based on the performance of underlying reference indices. Unlike exchange traded commodities (ETCs), which have been tradable with Deutsche Börse since 2006, ETNs are based on indices outside the commodities sector.

The eight new exchange traded commodities provide investors with the opportunity to invest in the performance of gold and silver. The underlying indices track positive and inverse performance respectively, with a leverage factor of either one or two.

The twelve new exchange traded notes track both the positive and the inverse performance of the benchmarks DAX-Future, MDAX-Future and TecDAX-Future with a respective leverage factor of either one or two. The underlying indices are strategy indices which participate in the price movement of the reference entity and consist of a leverage component and an interest rate component.

Deutsche Börse’s ETC segment product range currently comprises 190 instruments and the ETN segment 47. The monthly trading volume of ETCs on Xetra averages €700 million. For ETNs the average is around €100 million.


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The eight newly-listed ETCs and twelve newly-listed ETNs with their respective ISIN and management fees, as of 28 September 2011.