Co-location services at Bombay Stock Exchange premises

Co-location services at Bombay Stock Exchange premises


Bombay Stock Exchange permits DMA and Automated trading. Since Both DMA and Automated trading make use of strategies that exploit short-lived market opportunities and have a high dependence on speed of execution, the co-location facility will facilitate faster trade execution required for DMA and Automated trading. This Co- location Facility will be extended to members to host their servers near to BSE’s trading platform within BSE premises.

In this regard Trading Members may please note the following:

  • In view of limited availability, racks will be allotted on first come first basis based on the receipt of complete application along with the payment. However, if there is more demand than the availability, additional space will be made available.
  • The minimum period for which the racks are allotted will be one year and any renewal would require an advance notice of 30 days. 
  • Format of the Application form for applying for usage of Co-location facility is enclosed Annexure-1
  • The racks will be allotted on 1 rack basis. No partial rack would be allotted.
  • Members may take private leased lines to the co located rack(s) for ongoing system administration of their servers. These lines can be availed from Airtel / MTNL / Reliance / Tata
  • Due to security reasons, Physical access to co-location data centre will be restricted only to the initial set up and access for periodic or urgent maintenance if any would be only with prior permission from BSE and that such permission will be allowed only after Exchange trading hours.
  • The Exchange would not be responsible for insuring the member assets at the co-location premises.
  • The co location facility will be Tier3 grade with following specifications: -

-       Standard 19” Rack(s) with 3KVA power.

-       Uplink ports to BSE Campus LAN for BSE connectivity.

  • The Exchange will provide co-location facility on best efforts basis and it will not be responsible for any direct / indirect / consequential, harm / loss / damage of any kind for whatsoever reason including but not limited to power failure, air conditioning failure, system failure and loss of connectivity. Further, the Exchange shall not be liable for any stoppage in co-location facility owing to legal or regulatory requirement.

Format of the Application form for applying for usage of Co-location facility is enclosed in Annexure -1.

Further you can avail Co-location facilities offered by Third Party Providers. The charges and facilities offered through Third Party Providers will be intimated to the members in due course.

For further technical clarification and queries kindly contact Mr. Jitendra Choudhari on telephone number +91 22 22728301 and email on

For further general queries you can contact :

Mr. Emil Varkey : 22728127.

Mr. Girish Shetty : 22728897.