CBOE Unveils New Corporate Branding - Rolls Out New Messaging, Visual Design, Tagline And Campaign


The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has unveiled a new branding initiative, which has been introduced company-wide, including across social media platforms, marketing and communications materials and its website. The brand makeover has also been incorporated into a major new advertising and integrated marketing campaign. New York-based agency of record Stein + Partners Brand Activation developed both the branding and the advertising with CBOE.

"CBOE continues to lead, shape and define the industry it created through unparalleled innovation in options and volatility products, trading technology and investor resources. The new branding effort builds on our rich heritage and highlights how CBOE's unique value proposition empowers today's investor," said Carol Kennedy, CBOE's Chief Branding Officer.

CBOE's new brand identity includes new positioning and messaging as well as a new visual identity system. The creation of a new tagline, Execute SuccessSM, was central to the new brand identity and manifests CBOE's positioning and promise to provide investors with trading tools and resources needed to power success in today's options and volatility marketplace.

"From our proprietary S&P 500® Index options and CBOE Volatility Index® (VIX®) options and futures, to our new CommandSM trade engine, CBOE is uniquely positioned to help investors execute successful options and volatility trading strategies in any market condition," Kennedy added. "The Execute Success tagline also resonates internally at CBOE, where we take great pride in successfully executing on all fronts to deliver best-in-class products, technology and educational resources."

Along with the tagline and positioning, a new logo and visual identity system were created to further enhance CBOE's brand. The new logo leverages CBOE's previous logo and "snaps" into a frame system that hosts brand content.

The new brand design and tagline are extended further via a new Execute Success advertising campaign that highlights the critical points in time when investors can turn to CBOE products to capitalize on opportunity or minimize risk. By showing CBOE's options and volatility products as crucially "of the moment," the ads position CBOE products as the ultimate enablers of success.

For example, one ad shows a digital clock set at 9:30 a.m. and reads:

Volatility has you bearish right from the bell.
It's time to Execute Success
SMwith VIX options and futures

Another execution shows a digital clock set at 3:43 p.m. and reads:

Your long portfolio needs a short hedge before the close.
It's time to Execute Success
SMwith SPXSM options.

To further grow the CBOE brand in social media and drive discussion around CBOE's products, the ads invite readers to engage in conversations on Twitter using a dollar-sign tag (such as "$SPX" or "$VIX").

The fully integrated, multi-channel campaign includes print, online, radio and outdoor advertising, social media, digital events educating investors about VIX options and futures, and corporate sponsorships.