CBOE to launch quarterly GLD options on Friday, April 9

CBOE to launch quarterly GLD options on Friday, April 9


The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) today announced that it will begin trading quarterly options on the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) on Friday, April 9. Initial expirations will be in June, September, December and March 2011.

Quarterly options, which were first launched by CBOE in July 2006, are designed to provide market participants with options that expire on the last trading day of each quarter to coincide with end-of-quarter accounting practices. By comparison, traditional (monthly) options generally expire on the Saturday following the third Friday of the month.

The Designated Primary Market Maker (DPM) in GLD quarterly options is CTC, LLC, the same DPM for GLD monthly options.  

CBOE introduced GLD options with monthly expirations in June 2008. In 2009, its first full year of trading, volume in GLD options at CBOE totaled 12.7 million contracts. Of the then-seven U.S. options exchanges offering GLD options for trading, CBOE had a 37-percent market share in 2009, according to The Options Clearing Corporation.

More information on GLD quarterly options will be posted later this week at www.cboe.com/Quarterlys.