Bursa Malaysia Securities Introduces ‘Green Lane Policy’ To Enhance Efficiency Of Doing Business For Equities Brokers


Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Malaysia Securities) introduces the ‘Green Lane Policy’ where eligible equities brokers can commence their activities with only a notification process to Bursa Malaysia Securities. The new policy will take effect from 2 May 2013.

The policy will shorten the time to market for equities brokers to commence their new activities which includes the opening of new branches or Electronic Access facilities, the provision of margin financing and the commencement of proprietary trading.

This is part of the initiative by the Exchange to enhance efficiency of doing business for equity brokers as well as to encourage greater self-regulation. Equities brokers which have met the criteria of familiarity, supervisory controls and displayed high standards of business conduct will be eligible to adopt the policy. This will encourage equities brokers to enhance their self regulation so as to avail themselves of the incentives under the Green Lane Policy.

Bursa Malaysia Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Tajuddin Atan said, “We hope that the introduction of this policy, coupled with the recently revamped Business Rules for securities brokers will enhance the attractiveness of our market as a place for intermediation as well as investments.”

Presently, all applications by the equities brokers to Bursa Malaysia Securities for the commencement of a new activity are processed either through the Self-Assessment Approach (SAA) or the Declaratory Approach (DA) where approvals from Bursa Malaysia Securities are required.

For more information on the Green Lane Policy, please visit http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/regulation/rules/bursa-malaysia-rules/securities/rules-of-bursa-malaysia-securities