BME and the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts launch "Inresearch"

BME and the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts launch "Inresearch"


BME and the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF) have createdInResearch, an independent financial analysis service for companies listed on the markets managed by BME.

Those companies wishing to receive greater research coverage may apply for the service, through which the company’s shares will be covered by the most appropriate analyst of all that make up InResearch.

Listed companies may request this service which offers advantages such as the independence, quality and dissemination of the reports.  

-       Independence with respect to financial intermediaries, breaking the premise of share coverage according to the commissions generated.

-       Quality analysis prepared by experienced analysts with extensive professional experience in each fields.

-       The service also includes dissemination of reports drawn from different market information sources that will complement the coverage offered by  the company itself and its own analysts.

To guarantee the quality of this service, InResearch has established a transparent, professional and disciplined selection process in accordance with the best market practices in financial analysis. Analysts interested in taking part  will enrol on the InResearch Analysts’ Register . In order to do this they need to have more than three years experience, be a member of IEAF (or undertake to join within twelve months) and to commit to follow the company for at least two years.

A Technical Analysis Committee (CTA) made up of five IEAF members, of high standing in the Spanish financial analysis sector and chaired by Ignacio Gómez Montejo, Director of International Capital Research (ICR), will oversee the selection of the most suitable analyst for each company and ensure the quality and independence of all analysis produced.