ASX Limited Earnings Update For The Nine Months To 31 March 2013


ASX Limited (ASX) has provided an earnings update for the nine months to 31 March 2013. The update is provided ahead of ASX’s participation at an Australian investor conference in Sydney later today.

Relative to the prior comparable period (pcp - nine months to 31 March 2012) the unaudited results were as follows:

  • Statutory profit after tax $260.7 million, up 1.7%
  • Underlying profit after tax $260.7 million, down 0.3%
    • Operating revenue $457.1 million, up 0.6%
    • Interest and dividend revenue $42.5 million, up 3.9%
    • Cash operating expenses $107.5 million, up 2.6%
    • Depreciation and amortisation $22.9 million, up 16.4%

The year to date earnings performance was assisted by positive year-on-year revenue and earnings growth in the third quarter. Third quarter revenues were up 9.5% and underlying earnings were up 10.7% on the same period in the previous year. All ASX businesses grew revenues in the third quarter.

Year to date revenue was up 0.6%. Positive revenue growth was recorded in ASX’s two largest businesses - Listings and Issuer Services (up 8.7%) and Derivatives (up 3.0%). Other businesses that grew revenues over the period were Technical Services (up 10.1%) and Austraclear (up 7.4%).

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ASX Limited Earnings Update to 31 March 2013 Presentation