Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Signs MOU With Abu Dhabi University


Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Abu Dhabi University (ADU) aiming at enhancing the cooperation between the two organizations in the fields of institutional development, curriculum development, and information dissemination.

The MoU will see the two organizations cooperate through the development of new academic programs, internship placements, exchange of research and publications, as well as organizing seminars targeted at enhancing investment awareness to the general public. In the presence of senior officials from both sides, the MoU was signed by Mr. Rashed Al Baloushi, ADX’s Chief Executive, and Dr. Nabil Ibrahim, ADU’s Chancellor.

As part of the agreement, ADX will conduct seminars and workshops for ADU students aiming at explaining market procedures and the methods of trading in the domestic market. ADX will also provide a summer research grant for ADU faculty to work on applied research projects. ADX will also provide for a virtual trading platform (Stock Game) for the ADU.

Speaking of the importance of the agreement, Mr. Rashed Al Baloushi said, "ADX is committed towards working with the academic community in the UAE to provide the highest levels of support to research activities throughout various educational sectors. Universities are responsible for remarkable growth in the amount and type of research that contributes to the advancement of the UAE.”

“Through this agreement with ADU, we can share our resources, share research findings as well as information, thus link both our services to the needs of the UAE community as a whole. ADU students will also benefit from the arrangement, by providing them with real opportunities through new information channels and a practical experience through a trading simulator.”

On his part, Dr. Nabil Ibrahim Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University stressed the importance of this collaboration as it presents a unique opportunity for ADU students enrolled in the business programs to benefit from knowledge and expertise of ADX’s experts. “Our business students will have the chance to study historical trading records and financial data in the comfort of their classrooms. Through the agreement, ADU students will also be able to exercise their trading skills through a virtual trading platform provided by ADX, enabling them to link the theoretical knowledge they gain in the class room to the actual practical applications of trading in the stock market, in a innovative and creative environment”, added Dr. Ibrahim.

Dr Ibrahim went on to explain that the MoU signing with ADX translates the University strategic mission in education, scientific research and community service. “It also reflects our commitment to enhancing aspects of joint cooperation with various institutions and organizations in both the public and private sector to provide more opportunities for ADU students and graduates”, concluded Dr. Ibrahim