“Switch On” to investor education with SGX web clips

“Switch On” to investor education with SGX web clips


New online educational web-clips for investors are now easily available on SGX website. The series of 8 short web clips, in both English and Mandarin, builds on the well-received Investor’s Guides for “Reading Annual Reports” and “Preparing for Annual General Meetings”.

In just 2 minutes, local and international investors can effectively empower themselves with better investment insights by “switching on” to the SGX web clips. For example, an investor can quickly identify the critical contents and areas of an annual report, and know the key questions to ask at an AGM. http://www.sgx.com/investorguide

"By making these resources available, we hope to interest investors, arm them with the tools to be empowered, when it comes to understanding key points to look out for in an Annual Report or when attending an Annual General Meeting", said Ms Yeo Lian Sim, Head of Risk Management and Regulation.

SGX will continue to introduce relevant educational tools and materials to meet the needs of investors in the local and regional markets.