The “laws and regulations” retrieval system by TWSE is now on line

In order to provide a retrieval system of laws and regulations that is more friendly, transparent, convenient, real time and internationalized, Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp (TWSE) has recently launched a brand new user-friendly interfaced “laws and regulations to share knowledge database” retrieval system. TWSE has placed the system on its official website and welcomes people from outside TWSE to browse and use (website:   TWSE is now promoting the “legal service modernization program” in full force; implementing a “laws and regulations shared knowledge database” comparable to international standards is one of the important work items of this program. The retrieval system not only greatly enhances the speed to update information and upload online; it also smashes traditional notions of performing searches on keyword as now graphic interface is simultaneously provided to make the system more in line with modern usage. Investors, no matter whether they domestic or international, security firms, traders and professional research institutes, can all use the Chinese/English bilingual mode to make queries horizontally or vertically for relevant laws and regulations via the designed interfaces, either through the classification of laws and regulations or the tree structure chart. The system is not only convenient and easy to retrieve information, it also gives the user a clear picture to understand relevant laws and regulations, and greatly enhances the transparency of information with respect to the laws and regulations. Market participants can access the “laws and regulations knowledge to share system” through the official website of “TWSE”. After getting into the system, the user can find with ease all market related laws and regulations of the particular company he looks for, and uses functions such as “recent update”, “integrated query”, “laws and regulations” “classification per topics” to browse or download laws and regulations as per his specific request, and immediately grasp the overall outlines and systems of the market related laws and regulations. TWSE will uphold the principle of constantly striving to perfect the “legal service modernized program”, rebuild business, continue enhancing the completeness and convenience of the retrieving system, expedite efficiency for the update of laws and regulations, as well as make the system available and easy to use for the domestic, international investors as well as the general public. TWSE will also follow international trends to constantly review and improve the system, aiming to provide an excellent and sound service to market users.