International Securities Exchange

Tel: 1 212 943 2400

Fax: 1 212 425 4926



Chairman of the Board: Mr. David Krell

President and Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Gary Katz


Types of Securities Traded

Name of Trading Systems

(cash and derivatives)

Trading Hours

Options on equities, ETFs, indexes, and FX


9:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. ET


Supervisory Body

United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)

Settlement Cycle

Exercises of equity options settle in the usual equity trading cycle (T+1).


Name of Central Securities Depository

Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange

The Exchange’s transaction fees are set forth on its fee schedule.

Taxes on Dividends, Interests    


2011 Share ownership thresholds (%)


Short selling (Yes / No)

No, although short selling of stock is allowed in the U.S., subject to certain conditions.

Short selling conditions (if any)

Generally, short sellers must “locate” the stock prior to engaging in a short sale of the stock.


28th November
25th December
1st January
20th January
17th February
18th April
26th May
4th July
1st September
27th November
25th December
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