Bermuda Stock Exchange

Tel: 1 441 292 7272

Fax: 1 441 296 1875



Chairman: Mr. David Brown

President and Chief Executive Officer : Mr. Gregory A Wojciechowski

Types of Securities Traded Name of Trading Systems (cash and derivatives) Trading Hours
Equities and Bonds BEST (Bermuda Electronic Securities Trading) System

8:30am - 8:59 - Price Discovery

9:00am - 3:30pm - Continuous Trading


Supervisory Body

The Bermuda Monetary Authority

Name of Clearing & Settlement Organization

The BSD (Bermuda Securities Depository)

Settlement Cycle

T+3 with ability to complete T+1 thru T+3 if required

Name of Central Securities Depository

The BSD (Bermuda Securtes Depository)

Commissions on Transactions levied by Exchange


Taxes on Dividends, Interests


2011 Share ownership thresholds (%)


Short selling (Yes / No)


Short selling conditions (if any)

1st January
29th March
24th May
17th June
1st August
2nd August
2nd September
11th November
25th December
26th December
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