The World Federation of Exchanges Publishes 2010 Market Statistics

The World Federation of Exchanges Publishes 2010 Market Statistics

Paris (Feb 7, 2011) – Global equity market capitalization on regulated exchanges increased 14.9 percent to $54.8 trillion (USD) in 2010 as markets continued their rebound from the 2008 financial crisis, the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE ) reported in its annual publication of market statistics.

The 2010 total market capitalization for the more than 50 WFE-member exchanges, which had increased 45.5 percent increase in 2009, approached its record high of $60.8 trillion (USD) last achieved at the end of 2007. The Asia-Pacific region’s capitalization gained 19.5 percent, followed by the Americas (+17.1 percent) and Europe-Africa-Middle east (+7.4 percent). 

Share trading value (electronic order book) in 2010 increased by a mere 1.8 percent to reach a total of $63 trillion (USD). Asia-Pacific and Europe-Africa-Middle East regions experienced an annual increase of 5 and 4 percent respectively, while the Americas slightly receded 0.8% as compared to the previous year. 

The number of trades executed on regulated exchanges declined almost 10 percent on a global basis in 2010 – 22 percent in the Americas -- but the value of each trade increased slightly. 

The number of IPOs in 2010 was extremely positive, as activity more than doubled from 2009 levels to reach 1,783 new companies valued at $300 billion (USD) - a jump of 125 percent compared to 2009.  Secondary rights issues totaled $702 billion (USD), bringing the total amount of equity capital raised on exchange to a decade-high of $1,012 billion (USD). 

On-exchange bond trading rose 19.8 % to $ 23,811 billion. 

The growth of derivatives trading continued in 2010, rising from its already high base to add; 22.8 % for single stock futures, 21.0% for stock index options, 9.4 % for bond options, and 24.3 % for bond futures. 

The full report can be viewed on WFE’s website 


The World Federation of Exchanges is the trade association for the operators of regulated financial exchanges.  With 52 members from around the globe, the WFE develops and promotes standards in markets, supporting reform in the regulation of OTC derivatives markets, international cooperation and coordination among regulators. WFE exchanges are home to more than 45,000 listed companies. 

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