2010 Cost & Revenue Survey

2010 Cost and Revenue Key Conclusions


ð   Total revenues reached USD 27.4 bn, a still modest increase (+1.8% in constant USD terms) compared to growth rates observed between 2002 and 2008.

ð   Profitability increased for the second consecutive year:

-       Net income was up 22% at USD 8.4 billion

-       Average net profit margin was 30% (against 26% in 2009)

ð   Globally, members continued to improve their net income in 2010 after the record losses experienced in 2008, when some exchanges posted major impairment charges.

ð   Average PER for listed exchanges was down 16% to 20.3

ð   84% of members are for-profit, and 45% are publicly listed. Two exchanges were newly listed in 2010.

ð   Trading revenues from cash markets remained the top contributor to revenues (36%), despite the sharp increase of trading and clearing fees from derivatives (+14%)


Report Date: 
Thu, 11/10/2011