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Transfer Agent

A trust company appointed by a listed company to keep a record of the names, addresses and number of shares held by its shareholders. Frequently, the transfer agent also distributes dividend cheques to the company's shareholders.

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The underlying instrument (also referred to as the “underlying”) of a derivative (e.g. option, warrant, futures contract) is the basis on which the price of the derivative (e.g. a share, bond, index, currency or commodity) is determined and dependent.

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The party which arranges for the issue of new securities. Underwriters guarantee full subscription by taking up all unsubscribed shares.

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The degree of price fluctuation for a given asset, rate, or index; usually expressed as a variance or standard deviation.

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The seller of an option. The writer has an obligation associated with the contract to either purchase or sell a specified number of shares at the strike price on or before expiry.

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Return on an investment expressed as a percentage.

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Yield to maturity (YTM)

Yield to maturity or YTM is the rate of return anticipated on a bond if it is held until the maturity date.

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