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An evaluation of a debt issuer by a rating agency such as Moodys, Standard and Poor and Fitch. The evaluation is based on the issuers credit history and its ability to pay its obligations.

Author: NYSE & Euronext
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Record date

The date used in determining who is entitled to a dividend or other entitlement associated with a security. Those on the register on the record date are eligible for the entitlement.

Author: Australian Securities Exchange
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The paying off or buying back of a bond by the issuer. The term "redemption" can also be used to designate the sale of an investor's shares or units in a collective investment scheme.

Author: NYSE & Euronext, Amman SE
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The official or corporation responsible for maintaining a company's share register.

Author: Bursa Malaysia
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Regulation National Market System (Reg NMS)

Regulation National Market System of the Securities and Exchange Commission consists of a group of SEC rules designed to modernize and strengthen the regulatory structure of the U.S. equity markets. Among other things, Reg. NMS promotes price protection by requiring that all trades, with limited exception, be executed at the best-displayed price.

Author: NYSE & Euronext
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A temporary privilege that lets shareholders purchase additional shares directly from the issuer at a stated price. The price is usually less than the market price of the common shares on the day the rights are issued. The rights are only valid within a given time period.

Author: TMX Group
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Chance or probability that an investment will result in a loss to an investor. Can also be referred to as the level of volatility returns attached to a particular investment.

Author: Australian Securities Exchange
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