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Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Ratio calculated by dividing after-tax net income by the total number of shares outstanding. Shows the portion of a company's profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock.

Author: Amman Stock Exchange
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See Share.

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Ex Dividend

The holder of shares purchased ex dividend is not entitled to an upcoming already-declared dividend, but is entitled to future dividends.

Author: TMX Group
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An exchange is a regulated market in which companies and governments can raise funds by issuing securities and where the supply of securities meets the demand. Derivatives exchanges allow investors to manage risk. Exchanges play an essential and central role in the world's economy. They epitomize transparency in the price-formation process, informing investors and disseminating vital information for the functioning of financial markets, and in doing so they represent an important source of capital for nascent and established companies alike.

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Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

ETFs are portfolio investment products that are admitted to listing or trading on a regulated exchange. An ETF provides investors with exposure to a diversified basket of shares or other financial instruments. ETFs aim to replicate the performance of a specific index; this index can be a blue chip, a regional, or a sector index. The index type is not just limited to shares and may include bond indexes and other types of sophisticated index. ETFs are traded in the same way as any other share. These instruments can be used by investors as a hedging tool or as an investment product.

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Notification by the buyer (taker) of an option or warrant of their decision to buy or sell the underlying asset or in the case of cash settled contracts to receive a cash payment.

Author: Australian Securities Exchange
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Exercise price

Price at which the taker (buyer) of an option or warrant may buy/sell the underlying asset. Also known as the strike price.

Author: Australian Securities Exchange
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