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All-or-None Order

An order to make sure the entire amount of the order is filled or none of it. This differs from "Fill or Kill" orders because "All or None" orders do not require immediate execution.

Author: NYSE & Euronext
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Portion of the return on an asset (or group of assets) that depends neither on its specific characteristics nor on market fluctuations. Alpha therefore measures the expected return on an asset (or group of assets) when the market (or benchmark) is totally flat. The higher the alpha, the less the performance of an asset or group of assets depends on the market.

Author: NYSE & Euronext
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A simultaneous buy and sell transactions by taking advantage of price’s differentials in two or more markets. It consists in buying securities or currencies in markets where the price is lower and selling them where the price is higher.

Author: Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
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The price at which a trader or marketmaker is willing to sell. See also Bid and Spread.

Author: NYSE & Euronext
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Option or warrant with an exercise price equal to the current market price of the underlying asset. See also In-the-money and Out-of-the-money

Author: Australian Securities Exchange
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Auction Period

A period of time during which an auction is in operation. This includes the auction call and any extensions to the auction. The auction period ends with an auction match.

Author: London Stock Exchange
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