WFE Research Team , London , World Federation of Exchanges | Dec 2017


In this article we analyse listings, total number of trades and total trading value of investment funds based on data received from 37 exchanges. We compare:

  • Listings in Nov 2016 versus listings in Nov 2017
  • Total (sum of electronic order book and negotiated deals) number of trades and turnover in the Jul-Nov 2016 period on the Jul-Nov 2017 period. The idea is to compare the trend in investment funds trading activity in the second half of the year till the end of November.

Key trends which emerged from the analysis are as follows:


  • The total number of investment funds listed fell by 9.3% year-on-year.

  • The decline in the listings were driven by the dip in the Asia-Pacific (down 18%) and the EMEA region (down 9.4%), which together account for over 90% of the total listings.

  • Only the Americas (which accounts for the remaining 9.1% of listings) saw a 13.8% increase in the number of listings.

Number of Listed Investment Funds


Number of trades and turnover

  • Both the Total number of trades and the turnover dropped by 37.1% and 24% respectively in the period under review.

  • These declines were largely driven by the Asia-Pacific region, where number of trades and turnover fell by 60% and 53.6% respectively.

  • The EMEA region also saw a decline in the number of trades and turnover by 5.3% and 13.2% respectively.

  • Finally, the American region (which account for a significant share of the trades and turnover) was the only one that saw trades and turnover increase by 2.6% and 36% respectively.

Number of Trades-Investment Funds ('000s)


Regional shares

Regional shares
Total number of trades

Regional shares
Total turnover


*Regional shares represented are based on the sum of total trades and turnover in each region in the Jul-Nov 2017 period.

1 BME Spanish Exchanges, Mexican Stock Exchange and Irish Stock Exchange report only listings data.
2 Excludes trades figures of JPX Group

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