WFE Research Team , London , World Federation of Exchanges | Oct 2016


The WFE has published its Annual Statistics for Alternative and SME markets, which is a compendium of 2002 - 2015 annual data for cash equity markets. The data is presented in the form of statistical tables that consolidate information from annual survey and publications available on exchanges’ websites.

According to this annual statistics tables, the top ten SME markets by number of listed companies are the following:

ExchangeName of the marketNumber of listed companiesDomestic market capitalisation
TMX Group Inc.TSX Venture2 18316 896
Korea ExchangeKosdaq1 152171 891
LSE GroupAIM1 044108 342
Japan Exchange Group, Inc.JASDAQ79269 172
Shenzhen Stock ExchangeSME Board7761 601 998
Shenzhen Stock ExchangeChiNext492861 735
Intercontinental Exchange Inc. | NYSENYSE MKT26223 639
Hong Kong Exchanges and ClearingGrowth Enterprise Market22233 312
Japan Exchange Group, Inc.Mothers22127 139
Nasdaq Nordic ExchangesFirst North2169 796

Number of listed companies includes domestic and foreign companies. The data is as of the end 2015. Domestic market capitalisation is in USD millions.

Unit20152014% change
Domestic market capitalisationUSD million3 047 070.21 802 382.169.1%
Number of companies with shares tradedFull number8 8378 7760.7%
Number of newly listed companiesFull number6786445.3%
Number of delisted companiesFull number31227513.5%
Value of share trading: electronic order bookUSD million5 597 917.22 343 392.3238.9%
Investment flows: total capital raisedUSD million185 710.3195 966.1-5.2%

Exchanges attracted more companies to list on their SME boards in 2015, and the number of newly listed companies increased by 5.3% compared to 2014. Domestic market capitalisation of SME markets increased 69.1%. Capital raised by already listed companies and IPOs on Alternative and SME markets decreased by 5.2% and reached USD 185.7 billion.


Number of Alternative & SME markets

Domestic market capitalisation, USD billions


Number of listed companies on Alternative & SME markets 2002

Number of listed companies on Alternative & SME markets 2015

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