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Frank Hatheway & Tony Sio , Nasdaq , USA | Aug 2017


RegTech is not new, but the cost of complying with myriad regulations has pushed it into the limelight recently, write Frank Hatheway and Tony Sio from Nasdaq.

Arjun Jayaram , CEO , Baton Systems | Aug 2017


Following his electric participation on the Market Infrastructures, Post Trade and Fintech – Finding the Value panel at the recent WFE & Imperial College Technology Conference, Arjun Jayaram, CEO, Baton Systems tells us why the post-trade space is ready for innovation.

Scott Yang , Cybersecurity Manager , Taiwan Stock Exchange | Jun 2017


The key to a successful cyber security management system is to prepare well and expect incidents in the system, writes Scott Yang, Cybersecurity Manager, Taiwan Stock Exchange.

WFE Focus Team , London , World Federation of Exchanges | Jun 2017


Watch a video interview with DTCC’s Rob Palatnick, Managing Director & Chief Technology Architect where he discusses the key points of DTCC's recently launched cloud computing white paper, and why DTCC believes that cloud computing will transform the IT profile of the industry.

Mikael Öhman , Chief Architect of Risk Management Solutions , Cinnober | May 2017


Mikael Öhman, Chief Architect of Risk Management Solutions, Cinnober takes us through a 'new world' for CCPs.

WFE Regulatory Affairs Team , London , World Federation of Exchanges | Apr 2017


On 12 April 2017, the WFE published a set of cyber resilience standards designed to be used by WFE members, and other market infrastructure providers.

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