NO 244 – JUNE 2013

WFE Focus May 2013

CBOE disseminates values of new volatility index

As part of an agreement between the Chicago Board Options Exchange and CME Group, CBOE began disseminating values for a new volatility benchmark index using futures options data on CME Group’s 10-year US treasury note contract, the CBOE/CBOT 10-year US Treasury Note Volatility Index. It is the first volatility index based on US government debt to be calculated and disseminated by CBOE. CBOE and CBOE Futures Exchange plan to offer trading on this new index in the future.

Deutsche Börse Group’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange launches bull/bear sentiment index for private investors

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, a Deutsche Börse Group subsidiary, has launched the Bull/Bear index. It measures the expectations of private investors. Around 600 selected private investors provide weekly information on whether they are optimistic or pessimistic about the market. Until now, this indicator only measured the expectations of institutional investors.

Japan Exchange Group announces index issues treatment after market consolidation

The Tokyo Stock Exchange, part of JPX, announced how TSE / OSE cross-listed issues will be treated in index calculation after the consolidation of the two exchanges’ cash markets scheduled for July 2013. The calculation of TOPIX with regards to companies listed on the OSE but not currently listed on the TSE, that will be listed on the TSE 1st section and included in the TOPIX index, will be treated in such a manner to minimize the liquidity impact of the inclusion. Specific issuer names to be included will be announced on 7 August 2013. Companies listed on the OSE but not currently listed on TSE, will be included in the TSE 2nd section index after consolidation. JASDAQ indices currently calculated and published by OSE will continue to be calculated and published by TSE after consolidation. Other indices currently calculated by OSE (OSE 300 Stock Price Index, OSE 250 Adjusted Stock Price Average and OSE 40 Adjusted Stock Price Average) will be terminated after the consolidation.

Moscow Exchange launches blue-chip index

On 27 May 2013, the Moscow Exchange launched its blue-chip index, tracking the performance of the most liquid and highly capitalized securities of 15 Russian issuers. The launch of the index marks the final phase of creation of the Moscow Exchange’s unified equity index family.

Moscow Exchange launches new FX market indicator

On 27 May 2013, the Moscow Exchange started calculating and releasing a new FX market indicator, the Ruble Fixing. The new indicator will be applied in the FX derivatives. The introduction will facilitate recognition of the ruble fixing calculated and based on exchange trades abroad.

NASDAQ OMX launches new indexes for Icelandic bond market

NASDAQ OMX introduced six new indexes in the Icelandic bond market, based on Icelandic nominal and inflation-linked benchmark bonds that are listed and traded on NASDAQ OMX Iceland. They will provide insight and transparency into the price development of benchmark bonds which are the most liquid Icelandic government guaranteed bonds.

Shanghai Stock Exchange to launch dividend potential index and sector dividend indices

On 2 July 2013, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the China Securities Index will launch the SSE Dividend Potential Index and CSI Dividend Potential Index, the SSE Sector Dividend Indices and CSI Sector Dividend Indices.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches CCTV leading indices family

On June 6 2013, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, in cooperation with Shenzhen Securities Information and the Financial Channel of China Central Television (CCTV), introduced the CCTV Financial 50 Dimension Leading Indices. They consist of the CCTV Financial 50 Innovation Index, the CCTV Financial 50 Growth Index, the CCTV Financial 50 Return Index, the CCTV Financial 50 Governance Index, and the CCTV Financial 50 Responsibility Index.