NO 243 – MAY 2013

WFE Focus May 2013

Other products

Bonds (Cash Markets)

Turnover value
USD 32.5 tn  +35.5%

Bonds trading confirmed the trend observed in 2010 and continued to grow very strongly reflecting the growing interest of some WFE members for fixed-income products.


Turnover value
USD 10.3 tn +7.5%

Listings 6 909

Number of ETF listings grew by 24% and volumes by 7.5%. The Americas region is still largely dominating this segment (87% of the total volumes) but the two other regions are continuing to catch up with higher growth rates.

18.5 bn
Number of Derivatives contracts traded +8.9%

Securitized Derivatives

Turnover value
USD 1.1 tn +2%

1 086 955

Securitized derivatives listings grew by 51%, mostly due to a surge in listings in the EAME region where turnover value was also significantly up (+23%). Overall volumes are almost stable (+2%) as the Asia-Pacific region still dominates volumes figures (77% of overall total) which were down 3% in the region.

The figures presented here only cover the monthly statistics collected by WFE. The annual IOMA survey will provide more details on derivatives markets and offer more complete statistics on these products.