NO 243 – MAY 2013

WFE Focus May 2013
Exchange consolidation news

Japan Securities Clearing Corporation and Japan Government Bond Clearing Corporation start merger discussion

The Japan Securities Clearing Corporation, a subsidiary of JPX, and Japan Government Bond Clearing Corporation, an affiliate of JPX, started discussions on a merger. The merger schedule and the ratio of the stock swap preceding the merger, which have not been determined at present, will be disclosed in the future in a timely manner after they have been determined.

NASDAQ OMX acquires stake in TOM trading venue

The NASDAQ OMX Group has received the necessary regulatory approval for the completion of its acquisition of 25% of the Dutch cash equity and equity derivatives trading venue TOM, The Order Machine. The agreement also includes an option for NASDAQ OMX to acquire an additional 25.1% of the remaining shares to secure a majority stake in TOM.

Oslo Børs receives permission to merge with Burgundy

Oslo Børs has received permission from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance to merge Oslo Børs and its Swedish subsidiary Burgundy, with Oslo Børs as the acquiring company. The merger is scheduled for the second quarter of 2013.