NO 241 – MARCH 2013
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WFE Focus March 2013
Corporate news

Deutsche Börse and SIX joint venture Scoach to face termination

The joint trading platform Scoach for structured products in Switzerland and Germany operated by Deutsche Börse and SIX will face termination. Due to the end of the cooperation contract, the joint venture will end on 30 June 2013. The markets brought into the venture will be returned to the mother companies.

Gretai Securities Market’s new Chairman appointed

Mr Sou-Shan Wu, the former Chairman of the Securities and Futures Institute, has been named Chairman new Chairman of the Gretai Securities Market from 25 February 2013.

Taiwan Stock Exchange’s new Chairman appointed

Mr Lee Sush-der has been appointed as Chairman of the Taiwan Stock Exchange from 25 February 2013.

TMX Group to acquire transfer agent assets from Equity Financial Holdings

TMX Group has entered into an agreement with Equity Financial Holdings to acquire its transfer agent and corporate trust services business. The acquisition marks TMX Group’s expansion into a highly-complementary business area as it will add to the strong public company services offering currently provided by TMX Group, including investor relations, design services, shareholder data and tracking, and market analytics.