NO 240 – FEBRUARY 2013
Happy year of snake

WFE Focus February 2013

WFE is proud to announce the completion of a major enhancement of its statistics. Until recently, statistics were only available from 2003 onwards on a monthly basis and from 1990 for annual statistics for selected indicators whereas some historical series have started in 1975 when WFE started collecting and publishing statistics from its members. But those figures were either only available on paper or were spread out among various sources.

All the statistics existing have now been consolidated into a single database. The WFE database now includes over 300 indicators, with the oldest ones starting in 1975. The statistics are available on a monthly basis (1990 – present) and on an annual basis (1975 – present). Customized queries can be run on monthly or annual series. The results of the queries are provided as a csv file allowing users to rearrange the statistics according to their needs. A user friendly interface with dropdown menus allows performing the queries easily:

WFE would like to thank IODS which has helped digitalize all the data available since 1975 and IFS which has integrated the new statistics into the existing database.


While the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) made every effort to check that the data are accurate and complete, it does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. WFE shall not be liable for any claims or losses of any nature arising directly or indirectly from use of the data. Please note that some technical footnotes available in the monthly statistics published by WFE are not available here in the raw data uploaded with the query tool. In order to explain some breaks in the time series or other statistical issues, the user will probably have to consult those footnotes in the monthly tables published by the WFE or in the WFE annual report. Statistics definitions are also publicly available in the annual report or on WFE website.

For reproduction, citation, distribution and transmission of any data please contact the Secretariat. It is otherwise strictly prohibited. The WFE will always have to be quoted when the statistics are used by a third party.

Access to the database is confirmation that you have understood and accepted these terms of usage.