NO 239 – JANUARY 2013
2012 WFE market highlights

WFE Focus January 2013

Bursa Malaysia implements new market surveillance system

Bursa Malaysia replaced its existing market surveillance systems for its equity and derivatives markets with the Millennium Surveillance System, effective 31 December 2012. Millennium Surveillance is a multi-asset, cross-market, flexible platform, which allows for swifter implementation of changes in response to trading behaviors and regulatory developments. The MSS allows Bursa Malaysia to identify trading behavior patterns rapidly at both the broker and investor levels. It also includes a comprehensive market replay capability to promptly reconstruct trading activities of the market as it occurs, allowing each transaction.

NASDAQ OMX’s X-stream powers Bolsa Electronica de Chile trading system

The NASDAQ OMX Group and Bolsa Electronica de Chile launched NASDAQ OMX’s X-stream trading platform providing BEC with world-class trading technology and strengthening their ongoing strategic alliance for product development and global visibility.

NASDAQ OMX launches market surveillance solution on London Metal Exchange

The NASDAQ OMX Group launched SMARTS Broker market surveillance solution for commodities trading on the London Metals Exchange. It gives brokers the ability to monitor, identify and flag trading activity across the three LME trading venues: Select, Phone and Ring.

NYSE Technologies establishes NYSE Philippines Inc.

NYSE Technologies, a NYSE Euronext subsidiary, has completed its resource transfer from Fixasia Technologies, a leader in technology solutions and support services, to a newly created subsidiary, NYSE Philippines Inc. The new subsidiary will operate as a regional technology hub based in Manila. This enables NYSE Technologies to efficiently expand and rapidly diversify its Asia business