NO 238 – DECEMBER 2012
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WFE Focus December 2012
New services

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange adopts pre-closing session call auction

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange will implement a new mechanism to calculate the closing prices and its shift to a new free-float index. This move comes in the continuous efforts of ADX to develop its operations in accordance with the best international standards applied in the field. The new mechanism will go into effect starting 2013.

BM&FBOVESPA completes line of websites for mobile equipment

On 30 November 2012, BM&FBOVESPA launched the new version of its websites. With this launch, BM&FBOVESPA has completed its line of products aimed at mobile equipment. The Exchange now attends to all of the market’s significant platforms: iPhones, Android Smartphones, Blackberry Smartphones and Feature Phones.

CBOE Holdings transfers SPX from C2 to CBOE

CBOE Holdings will transfer its SPX product from the company’s all-electronic C2 Options Exchange to Chicago Board Options Exchange, where it will be traded on CBOE’s hybrid trading model which incorporates both electronic and open outcry trading. The transition will consolidate the company’s entire S&P 500 options product line on one exchange, CBOE.

CME, CBOT and KCBT members trade respective wheat derivatives

Following the acquisition of Kansas City Board of Trade by CME Group, CME, CBOT and KCBT members immediately benefit from the ability to trade each other’s wheat futures and options products in a more cost-effective manner on the CME Globex electronic trading platform. Following the integration of clearing services, customers will also benefit from cross-margining and other capital efficiencies.

Dubai Financial Market launches online disclosure solution

The Dubai Financial Market launched its sophisticated online disclosure solution ‘Efsah’ (the Arabic synonym of disclosure), a web-based application enabling listed companies to publish their disclosures swiftly and effectively.

‹MKB launches equ›ty repo market

On 7 December 2012, ‹MKB launched the equity repo market under the Exchange’s debt securities market, with the aim of allowing execution of repo transactions on company shares within an organized market framework. Shares acquired through repo transactions will be delivered to the buyer for the duration of the contract. The shares of companies included in ‹MKB 30 index will be eligible to trading on the equity repo market.

NASDAQ OMX adds consumer demand data to its news service

The NASDAQ OMX Group now delivers US consumer demand index data through NASDAQ OMX Event-Driven Analytics, a provider of machine-readable economic news to financial institutions and trading firms. The US Consumer Demand Index predicts developments in American consumer spending several months in advance.

NYSE Euronext plans to launch pan-European project for SMEs

NYSE Euronext plans to launch a pan-European exchange especially for small and medium-sized companies, developed in consultation with all of the Group’s European markets. NYSE Euronext’s initiative will create an exchange dedicated to SMEs, consisting of a new subsidiary and the existing markets operated by NYSE Euronext in Europe; maintain NYSE Euronext’s existing federal business model; create a subsidiary dedicated to developing the SME market, with its own operating budget and team; assign an annual operating budget of EUR 18 million, revised annually, and a total staff of 50 to the project; make a major investment in prospecting and building relations with new issuers, in particular by hiring dedicated staff and by enhancing and redefining a regional presence; improve liquidity and market attractiveness; reduce listing and transfer fees for SMEs; and create a dedicated brand to give the new exchange a strong and recognizable identity.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches investors relation dedicated space on its website

In order to standardize the public companies’ activities on investors relation management, substantially protect the medium-and-small investors’ rights to acquire information equitably, and further boost the transparency of public companies, Shenzhen Stock Exchange recently launched the Investors Relation Column on the website of “Easy for Interaction”.