NO 234 – AUGUST 2012
Getting ready for the 52nd Annual Meeting

WFE Focus August 2012
Post trade

IntercontinentalExchange introduces clearing for emerging markets CDS index

IntercontinentalExchange has launched clearing for emerging markets credit default swap indexes. ICE Clear Credit, ICE’s North American CDS clearing house, is the first to offer real time, trade-date clearing of the Emerging Markets CDS index (CDX.EM) for buyside and dealer-to-dealer trades.

Stock Exchange of Thailand steps up post trade service expansions

Two key post-trade services have been recently developed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand: the third-party clearing (TPC) and global custodian services to ensure effective post-trade facilities for investors, depository members, and clearing members.

Stock Exchange of Thailand cooperates with Korea Exchange to develop clearing solution

To create a more efficient clearing system, the Stock Exchange of Thailand has chosen Korea Exchange to help improve its clearing and settlement system for equities, derivatives, and bonds traded in Thai capital markets. These changes will boost SET’s capacities to be comparable to global leading clearing houses, as put forth in its IT master plan.