NO 234 – AUGUST 2012
Getting ready for the 52nd Annual Meeting

WFE Focus August 2012
New services

CME Group launches instant messaging platform for energy traders

CME Group launched CME Direct Messenger, a sophisticated instant messaging platform for traders in the energy markets, powered by the instant messaging software developed by Pivot, which was recently acquired by CME Group. CME Direct Messenger will integrate Pivot technology into pre-trade, trade and post-trade workflows of traders and brokers.

Hong Kong Exchanges extends coverage of its RMB equity trading support facility

From 6 August 2012, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing extended the coverage of its Renminbi Equity Trading Support Facility (TSF) beyond RMB-traded shares to equity-related ETFs and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) traded in RMB. The TSF was designed to serve as a back-up facility to enable investors to buy RMB-traded shares in the secondary market with Hong Kong dollars if they did not have sufficient RMB or had difficulty obtaining RMB.

ICE Futures US to complete transition to electronic trading

Starting on 22 October 2012, all IntercontinentalExchange’s options on futures listed on ICE Futures US will trade exclusively on the ICE electronic trading system. While the contracts will no longer trade through open outcry, ICE Futures US will continue to support access to the electronic platform for Exchange-member brokers and proprietary traders from the floor facility.

ICE to switch cleared energy swaps to futures

IntercontinentalExchange announced that all cleared OTC products listed on ICE’s OTC energy market will be transitioned to futures products in January 2013. These products will continue to be listed and traded on the ICE platform and cleared at ICE Clear Europe. All uncleared swaps will continue to be listed on ICE’s OTC platform, which will register as a swap execution facility.

ISE introduces “Add Liquidity Only” order type

The International Securities Exchange has introduced a new order type, the Add Liquidity Only Order. It specifies that the order can only be executed if it adds liquidity to the order book as a “maker.” If the order cannot be added to the book, it will be cancelled, or may be re-priced to rest on the book at the discretion of the firm entering the order.

NYSE Euronext delivers networking solutions to issuers

NYSE Euronext announced a strategic partnership with Equilar, the leader in executive compensation and C-Suite mapping technology, to provide NYSE and NYSE MKT issuers access to Equilar Atlas, a comprehensive solution to help identify executive and board member candidates for potential hire and to maximize business networking opportunities. Equilar Atlas is currently available through the NYSE Connect portal, available to NYSE-listed companies.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches new service hotline

In order to further improve its service quality, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has launched a national unified service hotline. It will allow SZSE to interact with different market participants, elevate its core competitiveness advantages, and provide a full range of services for the investors and market participants.

SIX Swiss Exchange offers block trading in six more European markets

In response to strong demand from their members, SIX Swiss Exchange and Liquidnet, the global institutional trading network, expanded the SIX Swiss Exchange Liquidnet Service (SLS). The platform for executing block trades will include 1,200 additional stocks from the Belgian, Danish, Finnish, Austrian, Portuguese and Swedish equities markets. This increases the number of markets covered by SLS to 11.

TMX Group to offer equity pre-trade risk management solution

TMX Group will be providing its equity trading clients with a comprehensive pre-trade risk solution. It will provide clients with the seamless connectivity and technology needed for high performance pre-trade risk-filtered access to all Canadian equity marketplaces. By utilizing it, participants can avoid the significant time, costs, and resourcing associated with implementing and supporting its pre-trade risk management technology. TMX’s hosted solution is fully customizable at the firm, trader, and client levels with various options on access authority, and allows brokers to offer their clients sponsored access with real-time risk controls, while maintaining a comprehensive view of their clients’ risk profiles.

Tokyo Stock Exchange reduces individual securities options trading fees

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has reduced the trading fee pertaining to individual securities options trading from JPY 40 to JPY 10 per contract with a view to invigorating trading in the individual securities options market.

Warsaw Stock Exchange reduces fees for single stock futures

At the beginning of August 2012, the Warsaw Stock Exchange reduced operating fees for block trades in single stock futures contracts. For block trades where the volume exceeds 1,000 futures contracts, the operating fee is waived for the portion of the trade which exceeds the volume of 1,000 contracts. The reduction applies to both client trades and market maker trades.