NO 234 – AUGUST 2012
Getting ready for the 52nd Annual Meeting

WFE Focus August 2012
Exchange consolidation news

Hong Kong Exchanges: London Metal Exchange’s shareholders vote in favor of acquisition by HKEx

The ordinary shareholders of LME Holdings, the parent company of the London Metal Exchange, have approved, at an extraordinary general meeting of LME Holdings, all the resolutions required in connection with the proposed scheme of arrangement to implement the acquisition of LME Holdings by HKEx.

TMX Group and Maple announce completion of offer

TMX Group Limited, formerly Maple Group Acquisition Corporation, and TMX Group Inc. announced that Maple has acquired 80% of the outstanding TMX Group shares. The remaining TMX Group shares deposited under the Maple offer but not acquired by Maple will be returned to TMX Group shareholders, and exchanged for shares of Maple on a one-for-one basis.