NO 232 – JUNE 2012
Sustainable stock exchanges

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WFE Focus June 2012
New products

BME’s MEFF launches future contract on 10-year notional bond

On 29 May 2012, MEFF, the Spanish derivatives market operated by BME, admitted to trading future contracts on the 10-year Spanish bond, following its approval by the Spanish securities regulator, CNMV.

BM&FBOVESPA starts trading in public utilities ETFs

BM&FBOVESPA started trading in the UTIP ETF, tracking the Public Utilities Index (UTIL) which measures the behavior of a portfolio composed of stocks in companies representing the public utilities sector (electricity, water and sewerage and gas). The current UTIL index portfolio is composed of 20 stocks in 17 companies.

BM&FBOVESPA starts trading new soybean future contract

BM&FBOVESPA began trading a new soybean future contract whose underlying is the settlement price of the mini-sized soybean futures contract traded on the Chicago Board of Trade. The launch is part of an agreement to promote the cross-listing of commodity futures with CME Group, seeking to meet demand from soybean market participants that face difficulty in trading on foreign exchanges.

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives launches revamped options on index futures

On 21 May 21012, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives launched a revamped options contract based on Malaysia’s composite index futures to complement the index futures market and to provide traders with more hedging, arbitraging and trading choices.

CBOE Futures Exchange launches futures on CBOE NASDAQ-100 volatility index

On 23 May 2012, CBOE Futures Exchange launched trading on the CBOE NASDAQ-100 volatility index futures contract. It measures the volatility of the NASDAQ-100 Index.

CME Group launches short-dated new crop options on grain and oilseed futures

CME Group launched short-dated new crop options on CBOT corn and soybeans futures to begin trading on 4 June 2012. Moreover, the Exchange will also launch short-dated new crop options on CBOT wheat futures which will be listed for trading on 4 September 20112.

Deutsche Börse launches ETFs on UK gilts and corporate bonds

Deutsche Börse has launched trading on Xetra of three ETFs on UK Gilt indices, issued by Barclays Capital, which provide investors with first-time access to the UK gilt market with the option of reacting to interest rate expectations within the different maturity ranges. It also launched trading on Sterling Corporate Bond ETF, also issued by Barclays Capital, which enables investors for the first time to participate in the performance of Sterling-denominated corporate bonds with investment grade ratings.

IntercontinentalExchange launches new cleared swap on Japan Korea marker

IntercontinentalExchange will launch a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) cleared swap contract based on the Platts daily assessment for the Japan/Korea marker. It reflects the daily open-market value of spot LNG delivered to Japan and South Korea on a daily basis. It has since become a benchmark reference in the industry for calculating price differentials for Asia-Pacific supply source and destination markets and is increasingly used in outright contract pricing.

ISE expands weekly options

The International Securities Exchange expanded its offering of weekly options to its ISE FX Options product portfolio. The euro/US dollar option was the first cash-settled FX product to list with a weekly expiration.

National Stock Exchange of India launches derivatives on FTSE 100

The National Stock Exchange of India launched derivative contracts (futures and options) on FTSE 100, the widely tracked index of the UK equity stock market. This is the first time that futures and options contracts based on a UK equity stock market index have been launched in India.

Singapore Exchange offers MSCI Indonesia futures

On 11 June 2012, the Singapore Exchange’s MSCI Indonesia Index Futures began trading. The new contract is based on the MSCI Indonesia index which is a widely followed Indonesian benchmark for institutional investors.

Thailand Futures Exchange launches USD futures

On 5 June 2012, the Thailand Futures Exchange launched USD futures, enabling Thai investors and business operators to manage Thai baht through the derivatives market against the US dollar.

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